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Facts About me



Favorite destination

I'm French

My favorite travel place has been Arizona. It just spoke to my heart. My love of burnt orange color and nature all in one spot. I cannot wait to go back!

Oui, oui. Je suis francophone. J'ai fait toute ma scolarité en anglais. Je suis complètement bilingue!

Hi, i'M sam



The foundation of any collaboration and friendship starts with trust. And trust comes with getting to know a person.

80's child

Married life

My favorite band is Queen. Oh how I long to have been able to go to one of their concerts! My favorite song would have to be - You're my best friend.

We met in high school but only started dating in College. We've been married 13 years! Wow, where has time gone?



Sugar addict

Passionate about home design

Milk chocolate, gummies, peanut butter cups, brownies, ice cream, you get the point, haha.

If I wasn't a photographer, I would probably be a designer. I love the mid century look with a side of the 80's and lots of wood.

Hi, I’m samantha

But you can call me Sam. I'm a small-town photographer from Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada. You can spot me out in a crowd not by my height(as I am only 5'1) but by my uncontrollable laugh. I fell in love with my high school sweetheart, got married and now we have  not one, not two, not three but four children and a pup!

On most days you can find me at home, having dance parties with my tiny humans or snuggled up on the couch with my hubby.  I have mastered the art of multitasking to a fine point . I am constantly evolving and learning. Grabbing those life nuggets like, it's okay if you are not okay. Starting over is hard. Being brave is exhausting. Give yourself a break. Cry if you need to. Life is hard. No one has it all figured out. Enjoy life. Cherish the little moments. Love fiercely!

My photography style is - real, raw and genuine. I can guarantee you that we will share some laughs together. I promise I won't place you in stiff weird positions and stare at me with some awkward forced smiles. Because really, those aren't the kind of pictures that will give you all the feels. I'm all about capturing the uniqueness of your love. Whether that be the quirky, sarcastic, teasing, fun, soft, loving or weird kind. I want to capture the perfectly imperfect stuff that gives you that tingly feeling. I want to get  the little moments and the big ones, the in between and the ones where you dance like nobody's watching.




Meet my amazing people:

They are my inspiration


My kids

My husband

Nothing makes me happier than to see them smile. They are the reason I do what I do.

Love is at the base of all stories.

whether you are a family of 2 or a family of 6. A family is a family is a family.

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