Refresh WorkshopPeterborough, Ontario

The Refresh Workshop

As a photographer, learning never ends. There are endless possibilities. Workshops, retreats, online training, mentoring and the list goes on. I chose to attend the Refresh Workshop simply because I had fallen in love with Jennifer Moher‘s work. If you are unaware of who this artist it, I highly suggest you check her out. This was my first in home workshop, and boy did it not disappoint.  Jen and Hugh (her husband) were eager to share their knowledge and if their passion could have been tangible, we could have pocketed a few handfuls of it. This workshop was all about getting ”refreshed.” Getting refreshed in the way we see things. Where we find our inspirations. How to let go and simply be. Trust yourself. Being an artist can be one of the most beautiful things but also one of the hardest things. Things never seem ”good enough” in the creator’s eyes. This workshop opened my eyes to the brighter side of things. We all start somewhere and you just need to keep at it.

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