Old Port, Montreal Engagement



If you want the downtown feel and be by the water all at the same time, going to the Old Port of Montreal is the place to be. Melissa and Phil have got to be some of the sweetest I have ever met. They met at youth group one summer and hit it off from the start. Although Melissa was intrigued by Phil she was leaving for Norway for 6 months. When things are meant to be, they are meant to be. Phil waited until her return in June of the following year for her return, when they had their very first date. They are getting married July, 29th 2017!

One of my favorite parts of getting to know my couples is to ask them :

What do you appreciate the most about your partner?
 I appreciate his listening heart. He takes the time, every day, to ask me how my heart is. He is interested in knowing me, and does not settle for surface talk. I also admire his patience. Regardless of what mood I am in, he stays loving and kind. He tries his best to make me laugh when I am upset, and gives me all the hugs I need when I am sad. Also, I admire the way he care and love for people. It does not matter who they are, he will take the time to listen to someone share, and he gives them his full attention.
Their love for one another is truly infectious!