Oahu, Hawaii – A trip of a lifetime



My husband and I got married at the lovely tender age of 20. Barely legal, but we knew we had something good. Fast forward 9 years, we own a home in a quiet little suburb surrounded by kids on every corner. We ourselves have managed to make four incredible little human beings. My husband works 60hr weeks and I am a photographer/stay home mom/doctor/cleaning lady/server//////// and you know how it goes. Life just seems to be flying by.

You can image that with our little ones/ not so little ones (they are between the ages of 2-6) going on any sort of trip is pretty much- well-nearly impossible. I mean, really, who wants to be taking over FOUR kids for a week+ ?

My  husband magically made it possible for us to escape our wonderful chaos to Oahu, Hawaii! A place I have only ever dreamed of visiting one day.

Hawaii…. I don’t know where to start. People hype Hawaii up so much that I was so afraid I would be disappointed. It was everything I could ever have imagined it being and more.

We stayed two blocks away from Waikiki beach in a little condo. We rented a car, a Nissan Versa or similar had said the website – HA! Sure, if you consider a Chevy Camero similar. Thanks anyways! An amazing way to start our week. We drove along the coast line. Visited the North Shore and it’s amazing waves. Ate shrimp from food trucks, had shaved ice, tried out mysterious foods. Hiked, and hiked some more, swam in a nature made pool at the foot of a waterfall. I mean I cannot think of anything that could have made our trip any better. We cannot wait to plan our next visit.

Here are a few pictures from our amazing time there.